New Player Experience

We continue our guest article series with a new player guide from SirUpWaffles! We are very happy to be able to provide an opportunity for community members to feature their content on our site, so if you're interested to do so, let us know!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to a first of many articles of a New Player’s Guide to Eternal. I am so excited to be doing this for the community. It’s still small but is growing everyday and I know a lot of you just starting out have A LOT of questions. Trust me, we have all been there.

When you first login to Eternal you are greeted with a ton of options and it may seem overwhelming at first but don’t worry I am here to help you out!


Now, as a seasoned player of CCG’s with a background in Magic and more recently Hearthstone, my first inclination was to jump right into ranked. I found a budget deck and started to grind. I was earning gold along the way and as a new player my first reaction was to buy packs.

Now as tempting as this seems there are much better ways to spend your gold, and I will go into that shortly. What I really want to point out is the fantastic single player content in this game.

There are 4 different ways to play Eternal single player.

  1. Gauntlet

  2. Forge

  3. Campaigns

  4. Puzzles

Gauntlet is taking a deck of your own against the AI. If you complete the gauntlet (7 wins) you will be rewarded with chests. Everytime you level up from Bronze to Master you get a Rank up chest. This is a great way to learn some cards and mechanics in a low pressure environment and you will earn packs and gold along the way.

Forge is like a single player draft and one of my favorite game modes. If I am struggling on the ranked ladder I will take a break and run a Forge. A Forge run costs 2500 gold and you have the potential to get up to 4 packs along with 1100 gold. Pay 2500 for rewards worth around 5000 gold. It’s a great return of your investment. In this mode you will have the opportunity to beat 7 different AI’s with a deck you Forge from cards you pick. Very similar to the style of Hearthstone’s Arena. The best thing about Forge is you KEEP the cards you draft! On top of the rewards you receive 25 cards of your choice. Feelsgoodman, well don’t worry it doesnt stop there.

Campaigns can be purchased with Gems or Gold and reward you with the cards specific to the campaign. You receive all 4 copies of the cards and get to play though some awesome single player story content.


If you are a F2P player and want to get the most bang for then I suggest buying the campaigns in this order.

  1. Dead Reckoning

  2. Into Shadow

  3. Horus Traver

  4. Jekk’s Bounty (May still be Free here!)

Depending on what you want to play Dead Reckoning and Into Shadow can be swapped.

Lastly Puzzles are a great way to learn the game mechanics and interactions of those mechanics. It’s very well done and quite lengthy!

My main goal of this article was to introduce you to the New Single Player content to get you guys ready for the PVP experience.

In future articles I’ll go through some ways to maximize your gold, most influential cards for a new player and the Ranked ladder!

Thanks for reading and if you would like to contact me you can find me on twitter @sirupwaffles I am always around twitter looking for a good Eternal conversation.

If you're interested in playing Eternal for the first time follow here’s a link to get some awesome rewards just for signing up with me! Once you sign up add me Sirupwaffles+0464 for any in game questions you have.

From the Shadows, I am SirUpWaffles, have a great day!