Jank of the Week: Kyar's Fearbinder Combo

Boy have I got a spicy one for you today. This here isn’t just a deck, it’s a work of art.

The winner of this week’s Jank of the Week was Kyar’s Fearbinder Combo deck, which has most of the traditional Grenadins package (Combust, Grenadin Drone, Devour, Madness) with a twist. Unlike traditional Grenadins decks, Kyar is playing the spicy relic Fearbinder, as well as other rarities like Void Drummer, Memory Dredger, and Lurking Sanguar. Even his market has been transformed, exchanging the traditional Grenadins shadow market staples of Azhindel’s Gift, Combust, and Madness for the unconventional Whispers in the Void and Oblivion Spike, as well as the omnipresent Fearbinder. However, before we can delve deeper into this beautiful creation, let’s hear a little bit about how the deck came to be. It should prove enlightening…

Alright, so I came up with the idea and core of the deck basically four hours before the tournament. I had gotten a full set of Fearbinder's and a premium Shadowlands Guide the nights before off of Twitch drops plus a pack I opened a while back gave me a premium Oblivion Spike that I wanted to put to use. So after some tinkering and some card ideas from my buddy Flippyflop I tested it in casual and had pretty decent results!

Ahhh, now it makes more sense. Kyar came up with this deck a mere 4 hours before the tournament, and proceeded to test it in casual of all places. Still, the fact remains that the deck performed very well in the tournament itself. Speaking of, I wonder how Kyar felt in the tournament itself. Maybe at first he was pretty casual about it, since he knew he was playing a very unconventional deck - but how did he feel after the deck started winning?

Tough question! I felt pretty mixed going into it. I was definitely excited to show off the jank especially since me and DrPringle's were picked to be the first featured match but I was pretty anxious about the decks overall performance. I know it’s more of a casual tournament but it means a lot to me especially since I'm always aiming to get the very illustrious title of Jank of the Week!

Well there we go! He got what he was aiming for!

Tournament pressure can be devastating, so props to Kyar for holding up well and keeping his eyes on the real goal.

And now, the exciting question: Which cards underperformed, which cards overperformed, and what are some cool synergies you liked?

So some of the market choices definitely needed to be changed. Stray into Shadow was a dead card pretty much every time I got it out and Whispers in the Void, while providing amazing body support for Fearbinder was kinda too slow in most cases.

In the case of overperforming cards though Shadowlands Guide basically carries the deck. Instantly playing a Fear's Sum, Grenadin Drone, or a Slumbering Stone from your void or even a Lurking Sanguar after making it free is really strong. Especially if you managed to land a hit or two with a Void Drummer beforehand! Three cost for a 5/5 Drone or 5/7 Stone? Absolutely.

As tends to happen with untested decks, some of the more unconventional cards end up being… less-than-stellar, to say the least. Personally, I’d love to see the Madness + Combust combo in the market, being able to draw whichever piece you’re missing on demand is very strong.

That part about Shadowlands Guide with Void Drummer sounds really intriguing. Specifically, using guide to get back the Fear’s Sum created by Fearbinder. Doesn’t it have to be a 1/1 to get it back with guide?

Nope! Fear's sum is always a 1 cost minion so you could grab a ridiculously large sum from your void! Especially if you just keep combining them together to refresh the berserk!

Now there’s something I bet most people didn’t know. Getting back a massive berserking Fear’s Sum over and over again thanks to Shadowlands Guide and Dark Return sounds incredible!

Lastly, I asked Kyar about any changes he’d make to the deck post-tournament, especially with the new campaign.

Oh man definitely. I think with the new campaign a Xenan variant could work out better than the stonescar variant did. Last Chance, while probably not the smartest pick for a recursion based deck like this would help out considering how power hungry Fearbinder is. Plus switching to Xenan over Stonescar would allow me to put in Azindel, the Wayfinder which would really fuel Fearbinders shenanigans.

Holy moly, now he wants to play Azindel, the Wayfinder too?! I can’t even imagine what’s going on inside this guy’s head, he seems to get a new deck idea every minute!

Yeah and with the additional ramp from Azindel you could probably fit Sea of Teeth in there for relic hate + a ton of bodies for blockers or for fearbinder to turn into more angry ghosts.

Whoo boy, I don’t even know where to start now. Fearbinder, Lurking Sanguar, Memory Dredger - it wasn’t enough, now we need Sea of Teeth too!!!

Well, that was a wild ride. Congratulations to Kyar for coming up with such an innovative and unusual deck. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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