The Saturday Showcase Series

TGP has been in conclave with the wisest owls of our order brainstorming more events for the Eternal community. Starting this weekend and running till the end of the year, we are adding Saturday Showcases to the ECL league. These events will feature unexplored formats that will let players combine underused cards and find new synergies. What are these formats you ask? Let me show you.


Our first event will be this coming Saturday and will bring back the fan favorite non-power singleton aka highlander format. Seek power and petition are considered power for this event but everything else is limited to only 1 copy, including merchants.

The next three events will each ban out a set and its accompanying campaign, affectionately called set X.5. 11/24 will ban sets 1 and 1.5, 12/1 will ban sets 2 and 2.5, and 12/8 will ban sets 3 and 3.5. No power cards from any set are affected by bans but seek power and petition are, unlike the singleton event. What does a format look like without some of the pillars we’ve grown to love and hate like Torch, Sandstorm Titan, Heart of the Vault, Champion of Fury, Tavrod, the diesel cycle, Rindra, and Hailstorm. I know I’m excited to see what players show up with to these events especially. Maybe we’ll see something that can transition into the current meta too.

Now for the real meat……..the prizes! In addition to our normal big ECL event points, swiss + top X points, we will also be awarding steam gift cards to the top performers as well.


And if that’s not sweet enough we will increase the prize pool if more players participate! At 24+ players the cut will be to top 8 with points beings 15, 10, 5, 5, 3, 3, 3, 3 by finish order respectively. At 50+ players gift cards will total $50 and payout $25, $15, $5, $5 respectively. So if you want bigger prizes tells your friends, tell your cousin, tell your dog to sign up and play in these events. You may even qualify for the monthly ECL invitational for a chance to win even more prizes. *Special note: only 11/17 will count for November Invitational, the rest will go towards December Invitational*. You can sign up for these events and any other ECL events at

As always, you’ll be able to catch all the action over at Don’t forget to support our invitational by going to and using the coupon code ECLNovember18 to donate 50¢ for free! There are lots of other free ways to donate on there too!