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This is the follow-up to SirUpWaffles’ new player guide, which is part of our guest article series! We are very happy to be able to provide an opportunity for community members to feature their content on our site, so if you're interested to do so, let us know!

It’s me again, your host, SirUpWaffles! Thanks for stopping by today, let’s talk about gold, resources and the rewards you get from simply playing the game. I will probably touch on some similar things that I did in my last article, if so I apologize and I will go to the Void with my buddy Caiphus. I am trying to tailor these articles for a brand new player so any feedback is welcome to help me improve my reach to new players!


The best way to earn gold is playing the game. Everytime you win you get a bronze chest with a small chance to upgrade to silver and then gold. Every third win you will either receive 2 Bronze chests or 1 silver chests and as far as I know they always have a small change to upgrade.

Here is a quick breakdown of the chest rarity and rewards.

Bronze: Common Card and 30-60 Gold, Chance of Upgrade to..

Silver: Uncommon Card and 200-250 Gold, Chance of Upgrade to...

Gold: Booster Pack and 500-600 Gold, Chance of Upgrade to...

Diamond : Booster Pack, Premium Card and 2,000-2,200 Gold

Rank Up Reward: 2 Booster Pack and ~250 Gold

Speaking of Rewards, Faction Progress. You level up a faction by playing cards from that faction. It ranks all the way to 100 and according to a very thorough spreadsheet I found on reddit...

You can receive 5,800 gold per faction or 29,000 gold once you max out all the faction levels. Yes this will take a fair amount of time but there is gold out there to get! Simply by playing ranked the last two days of the season I was able to get 13,000 gold to buy my way into the new League event!


Spending - Buyer Beware!

What does gold get me?

Pack - 1,000g

Forge Run - 2500g

League Event (Monthly) - 12,500g

Draft Entry - 5,000g

Special Events - Varies from 2,000g - 4,000g (The Halloween Event was 2,000g and this weekend’s tournament is 4,000g per entry)

I highly recommend avoiding buying packs with gold. Spend the gold on Forges, the Rank-Up  Reward Chest is worth the 2,500 gold itself plus you get to draft 25 new cards for your collection.

If you have the time and the grind then I say spend your gold on all the events and drafts that you can but if you are a human that likes the outside and doesn’t play as much as me then prioritize Forges until you max it out and then draft your butt off!


Shiftstone and EternalWarcry

The two things you need for any good deck in Eternal. This website is amazing and I highly recommend spending some time looking around the site. There is a ton of information and a ton of decks. A big shout out to u/Stevercakes for taking the time to deliver such a great product. It’s a completely free site and it may be the best of it’s kind.

You can do anything from opening fake packs to building your own deck you can even run a Forge generator. It is truly amazing.


Shiftstone is earned via packs (100 shiftstone each time you open a pack) and dusting cards you don’t need or from extra cards. You also earn it from completing in game achievements and faction progress. Now there are a lot of great cards out there and there are also a lot of bad ones. I would recommend consulting Eternal Warcry before crafting anything to make sure you are getting your...shiftstones worth!

Thanks for reading and I hope this guide helps guide your Eternal wallet!

If you're interested in playing Eternal for the first time follow this link…

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From the Shadows, I am SirUpWaffles, have a great day!