Friday Night Jank

Article initially posted on April 19th, 2018

As we all know, there has been a massive boom in weekday tournaments for Eternal players. Each tournament is ran by people that truly care about the game and they all hold a different purpose. Today I want to talk about the impact that I feel Eternal’s Casual Friday hosted by The Great Parliament has had on Eternal meta and the future of Eternal.


What is casual about Casual Friday?

You don’t have to wear a tie. Walk in with sweats and we won’t judge you. What you’ll see is everything from piles of jank, spicy brews, and even tier 1 decks. I say every week that this is the best way to test a brew you’ve been stirring up. Let’s go over some fun and notable decks that have showed up.


Headgear - Top8

This deck was featured 3 out of the 4 games streamed on Casual Friday April 6th. As one of the casters and part of the decision of what to stream, this deck was chosen round 1 because I felt it had a low chance of winning. I wanted to feature a fun deck that might be a little of a meme. Now, anyone that runs a tournament will tell you that you should pick a fun, yet competitive deck round 1. We had a small turn out so I wanted to go ahead and give the fun deck it’s time in the spotlight since I had no expectations of it moving on with a victory under the belt. Turns out that Top8 is not only a brilliant deck designer but also a really talented pilot. While a deck with Mask of Torment isn’t a new idea, we haven’t seen a deck run Mask of Torment, Crown of Possibilities, and Sunken Tower all jammed in. The sideboard was far from tuned and but the mainboard had a strong base to it. While we clearly haven’t seen the most tuned version of Headgear, we have seen a starting point and that is beautiful on it’s own. Following the April 6th Casual Friday sweep was the April 7th ETS Weekly second place finish. Top8 tuned his sideboard after seeing what he needed and piloted Headgear to success. Since then we have seen countless Mask of Torment decks pop up on ladder. People have tuned what would otherwise be a meme deck to become a popular ladder deck with different flavors and variations. The important thing we took away from Top8’s performance was that if we take chances with our deck choices and we might end up with a successful outcome.


Clockroaches and Firebombs - heywhyyou

After an already low turnout, disappointment truly hit me when I checked the decklist. Of course heywhyyou decided to bring a beautiful FTP Clockroaches with Light the Fuse weaved in there on an afternoon that was lacking in turnout. While we didn’t see much of it, the list alone is extremely intriguing and worth firing up in ranked if you want to enjoy your ranked games. Even though there isn’t a ton to talk about with this deck, I am extremely grateful this list is even a thing to begin with. Let’s all hope heywhyyou graces Casual Friday with this list or a similar one sometime soon!


Tinman’s Combrei Aggro - Mimolet

Now that we have seen two list with Crown of Possibility, I think it’s fair to move away from them. I know most people will load this list and not think much about it but there is a bigger story to the list than the cards that it contains. I was casting this week and my co-caster told me that she helped Mimolet build a budget alternative to Tinman’s Combrei Aggro deck. Not only was this a budget deck but it’s also a fairly new player with this being his first tournament setting for Eternal. To my surprise, Mimolet piloted this deck to success and ended up in the finals against notable player SecondBlue. While the deck is not ideal, you could see the amount of raw talent Mimolet had in Eternal. I wished we could have seen Mimolet on a full build of the deck but it ended up being something even more special the way it played out. A new player playing a budget deck to the finals of their first ever tournament.


Overall, I feel like Casual Friday has something special to offer to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran player on a meme deck, a beginner player on a budget, or anyone wanting to test out the tier 1 decks in a best of three format, I feel like Casual Friday is for you. If you have time to stop by the stream or even play, please do so. You never know what new brew has shown up and if that deck will carve its name into the book of meta decks.

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