Berserking up the Ladder with Miracle Blitz

Hello, I'm AromaNova and welcome to my first Eternal article. Today I'm writing about a deck called “Miracle Blitz”. A deck full of spells and cheap units with the potential to kill as early as turn 3. This is an aggro-combo deck with the potential to win out of nowhere.

How it all started

When set 4 came online I tried many different decks while constantly checking Discord and Eternal Warcry for new ideas. After one of my team members posted a Hooru Berserk list in our Discord, I took the list as it was and played some games with it. I instantly realized the whole potential of pump spells and berserk, but I wasn't happy with several cards in the list so I started to look for other options. One card I immediately had in my mind was Alessi, Combrei Archmage. Since I saw the card I knew that I wanted to build something with it and it was clear that a deck full of cheap spells might be the perfect fit for her. So, I added Time cards to the Hooru list and was immediately happy with the outcome.

Many people on the team started to play the deck and helped with suggestions to optimize the deck. This is what we ended up with after the first week of Set 4. After that I started to talk to AhornDelfin who worked on a quite similar list but more on this later.

You can find the deck  here

You can find the deck here

Card Choices

Alessi, Combrei Archmage: Alessi fits this type of deck perfectly, she grows big and quite fast while also giving you some armor. It's the perfect one drop for this deck.

Rilgon's Disicple: This card provides the biggest combo potential of the deck and allows the deck to win as early as turn 3. Rilgon's Disciple + Gift of the Battle and 2 Finest Hours is 32 dmg. This happens quite rarely but it’s possible. Often, it’s just enough to hit in with a big swing in a later turn.



Hooru Envoy: This card is quite fragile, that's why I only run 2 of them. But it's very nice to cast some spells on it to go deeper into your deck and search for whatever you need in the current situation. Also, you can at least draw a card if the opponent is forced to kill it with a targeted spell.

Jennev Merchant: Not only does he give you a nice little toolbox to either get some interaction or a combo piece to finish off your opponent, he is also an aegis unit that lets you finish the game with some pump spells.

Kosul Battlemage: A 3/3 with aegis that grows for every spell you play, that's exactly what this deck wants. It has included protection while always threatening a big swing.

Geomar, the Steel Tempest: Geomar has some potential to grow incredibly big and to provide a lot of life, but at 4 power you must be very careful when you play him because with no open power to interact he dies to basically everything.

Finest Hour: This is quite far the best pump spell available, it lets you kill your opponent out of nowhere, messes up the combat quite a lot, and gives you protection against all the damage-based removal and relic weapons.

 Gift of Battle: Giving berserk to a unit for just one power is very powerful, usually you can just win in combination with some pump spells on all the units in the deck.

 Jump Kick: This is another one power spell to pump your units while also giving them evasion.

Levitate: Levitate is the only card available at one power and lets you draw a card. It fits the deck very well since the flying it gives is often relevant and it pumps most of the units. In the worst case it just lets you dig deeper into the deck.

Seek Power: This card helps you sustain your mana while being another one power spell to pump your units.

Sharpened Reflex: This is the last one power spell of the deck and does exactly what you want, the permanent pump combined with scout is very nice for the deck.

Accelerated Evolution: Accelerated Evolution is two spells in one card. It allows you to give evasion or to get rid of a permafrost but it also gives you a lot of triggers to make big swings.

Equivocate: This is the “removal” of the deck, it lets you get rid of Sandstorm Titans or units with killer, but it can also be used to get ahead on tempo. The games with this deck usually don't go that long so you don't need to remove units permanently.

 Protect: Some sort of protection is needed to fight threw removal, and the option to play it at the end of your opponent’s turn to get aegis for the following turns is quite nice.

The Market

Permafrost: Having access to a one power removal is very nice and often needed to either buy some time or get rid of a blocker.

Gift of Battle: As the main combo piece you want as many options to get this card as possible and with one in the market you virtually play 7 copies of it.

Accelerated Evolution: This is the card I get most of the time out of the market, two spells in one card is just very good. Depending on your hand you can also put half an Accelerated Evolution into the market to get two new ones.

Talon Dive: This card provides overwhelm to be able to attack through blockers in the final big swing.

Mirror Image: This card is in the market to provide some value, I often play merchant to get Mirror Image and play Mirror Image the following turn on the merchant to get another spell.

How to play the Deck

It's very important to be careful of the removal your opponent could have and play around it as much as possible. Usually you don't play your units on curve, if possible without losing too much tempo, you want to keep open at least one pump spell or Equivocate/Protect. I often play the least valuable unit in my hand as removal bait and follow it up with a unit with open protection. Always try to keep in mind what your opponent could have in every situation to know when you can go for the win or when you must wait. Also, always calculate how much damage you could make in every turn, two swings for more than 10 damage usually wins you the game, instead of trying to win with one big swing.

My final list

After talking to AhornDelfin who ended up on a quite similar list (you can find the list here), I tested more and ended up with the list below.

You can find the deck here

The addition of Awakened Student and Stand Together fit the deck quite well and the power base works very well. Also, the market got optimized a bit to fit the current meta-game. But I believe both versions work quite well, and I still play both lists on ladder quite a lot.

I would like to thank AhornDelfin a lot for sharing his list and his thoughts and especially for the great power base he built!

I hope you enjoyed my first article and don't hesitate to ask me anything about the deck or suggest improvements for my next article.

Thanks for reading!

AromaNova [TGP]