Updates to The Great Parliament's Tournaments

We've been working very hard behind the scenes to bring you the best tournaments that we can, and some incredibly exciting things happened recently that we're finally able to share.

Eternal Community League

In August, we will begin the Eternal Community League. It will be a monthly league cumulating in an invitational on the last Sunday of each month. Players will receive League Points by playing in any of TGP's events, and the players with the top 16 point totals will qualify for the invitational and a chance to earn prizes!

The events in the league will be as follows:

ECL Tuesday Weekly every Tuesday at 8:30 PM EDT
Swiss bo3 with Markets only, capped at 4 rounds
1 League Point for entry and playing at least 2 rounds
1 League Point per match win

ECL Thursday Weekly every Thursday at 2:00 PM EDT (8:00 PM CEST)
Swiss bo3 with Markets only, capped at 4 rounds
1 League Point for entry and playing at least 2 rounds
1 League Point per match win

ECL Casual Friday every Friday at 6:00 PM EDT
Swiss bo3 with Markets only, capped at 4 rounds
1 League Point for entry and playing at least 2 rounds

ECL Sunday Challenge every Sunday at 12:00 PM EDT (except for the Invitational each month)
Swiss Conquest (4 decks with 1 ban), with a cut to top 8
1 League Point for entry and playing at least 2 rounds
2 League Points per match win
8th-5th: 10 League Points
4th-3rd: 15 League Points
2nd: 20 League Points
1st: 25 League Points

The full rules and details for the Eternal Community League can be found here.

The first Eternal Community League will begin with our first event in August, the Thursday Challenge on August 2nd. Starting then, all events up until the invitational on August 26th will earn points to qualify.



We've chosen to use Conquest for our primary competitive format for a few different reasons. Our rule for encouraging deck uniqueness in Conquest is by faction, you cannot play two decks with the same faction identity (i.e. TJP, FS, FJS, TP, etc.). Conquest provides a larger emphasis on overall deck lineup selection, due to limiting each deck to only one win. Every single (unbanned) deck in your lineup must win a game to win a match, therefore you cannot have any "weak links" in your deck lineup. One of the major concerns with Conquest is that deck lineups tend to become homogenous, we believe that our method of differentiating between decks (by faction) will help to alleviate this issue. Conquest rewards players for being able to play a wide variety of decks, and we're excited to see the ways players can find to innovate in this largely unexplored format!



An invitational tournament will be hosted on the last Sunday of each month in place of the normal Sunday Challenge. The invitational will be a double elimination conquest tournament with players bringing 4 unique decks. One deck will be banned from the opponent's line-up at the start of each round. The top 16 players by point total will qualify to play in the invitational and be eligible to earn prize money. Ties will be broken by playing a head to head match prior to the event. Invitationals have no entry cost, but a player must be invited in order to play. Prizes will be determined by our Matcherino page (more info on that below).


Registering for Upcoming Events

All of our events are hosted through eternaltournaments.com. Registration will typically be open one week prior to each event. Entry for all events is free, and the specific rules for each event will be listed on the page.


We are now partnered with Matcherino to provide prize support for the Eternal Community League! Matcherino is a crowdfunding resource for eSport organizers, tournaments, and streamers. 

Through Matcherino, we are offering products and services that can be purchased in order to fund the monthly prize pool. There are a multitude of different ways that you can support us through Matcherino, including some at no cost to you!

Some of the rewards available for purchase include:

  • Stream Shoutouts
  • Supporter Discord Role
  • Coaching by a TGP Member
  • Custom TGP Mousepad (Coming Soon!)
  • Ad Space on Stream
  • And various products

We have a coupon code ECLAugust18 that everybody can use once to add $0.50 to the prize pool for free through Matcherino (up to a certain amount of people). Please do not use multiple accounts.

There are also rotating one time use sponsor links where you can support us by visiting a website or following/retweeting various twitter accounts at no cost to you.

Check out our August Invitational page here to see what we have to offer and how you can support our events.

Inked Gaming

We are incredibly pleased to announce that TGP is now an Affiliate with Inked Gaming! You can use our discount code TGP12 to get 12% off of your order of custom mousepads, playmats, and more here.

We will soon also be selling a custom TGP mousepad made my Inked Gaming through our Matcherino for $15. For every mousepad purchased, $10 will go directly into the prize pool.

That's Everything!

That's everything for today! This is a lot of big changes happening for us, and we're looking forward to continuing to bring you the best tournaments we can offer. We greatly appreciate all the support from the community so far, and we'll continue to do our best to earn that support. Feel free to ask questions in the reddit thread and in our discord server. We'll see everybody soon in the Eternal Community League!