Another flavour of Aggro Combrei

Hello everyone !

Can I interest you in some Aggro Combrei? I'm sure I can. After all, you've all willingly decided to come here. Probably because, deep down, you know that Aggro Combrei is the right way to live your life. I'm sure that's it.

Story time (This is the part that you skip if what you want is the decklist):

Aggro Combrei has always been my favorite deck. I've yet to replicate the results we obtained almost 2 years ago when we first played the archetype. But I'm not giving up. But it being more expensive and a little bit slower than its aggro camarades have made it the unpopular kid in school.

Well when it faded, I got sad. Very, very sad. Then Elysian Midrange came into my life and happiness back with it, but I never forgot my first love.

I tried each new set to make it work, and each new set, I failed.

But this time, things might be different.


The decklist:


Link to the Eternal Warcry decklist.

Why Combrei?

After all, we already have Stonescar, Skycrag, Rakano.

Well I think Combrei is well positioned in the meta. Its important units are not too sensible to annihilate (Awakened Student, Elite, Siraf), Obelisk and Finest Hour are very good ways for it to avoir Torch. You trade a little early game speed for more overall stability, in my opinion.

Its units are naturally overstatted for their cost, and Awakened Student and Siraf can apply some nice pressure early on.

Obviously the two spellcraft weapons it received this set, Vanquisher's Blade and Sword of Unity, are doing an incredible work in the deck.

Finally, Combrei has access to Enforcer and Desert Marshal (and even Vanquisher's Blade, in a way) to counter revenge/void heavy decks.

Also, it's the prettiest color combination, so there's that. For those wondering, FTP is the second best one. These things matter.


The deck's results:

I went 30-10 with it and it brought me back into Top 100 Masters. For those of you who need the conversion, that's a 75% winrate.

Before I get to the more detailed results, a few words :

It's hard to pin down specific match-ups because even if 40 games begin to mean something about the deck, the meta is still to varied to have a good vision of which decks you're going to find the most.

Please also keep in mind that the stats that I'm giving are not and should not be considered an accurate description of the match-ups you'll encounter. Those are stats that, for most match-ups, represent a grand total of 2 to 3 games. Whatever you might have heard elsewhere, this cannot be considered accurate data, but is mainly there to give you a quick overview of what you might expect if you face certain decks/archetypes.

For example: I went 2-1 against Rakano Aggro. This does not mean anything in and of itself. 3 games won't tell you much at all. But I **feel** like it's a good match-up, thus I'm presenting it as such.

With that in mind:

The good match-ups:

  • Control : Feln Control (2-0), Pile (2-0), Temporal (1-0)
  • Midrange : Praxis Midrange (3-1), Stonescar Midrange (2-0)
  • Aggro : SK aggro (3-0), Rakano Aggro (2-1), Praxis Tokens (2-0)
  • Combo : Desert Marshal made me win the TJP OTK and the Feln Rindra Gift of Battle decks I encountered. Because yes, Desert Marshal is still amazing.

On a side note, your best gameplan against Icaria is to apply enough pressure that you're forcing a block with her the turn after she's played. It's not the easiest match-up, but it can definitely be done.


The baaaad match-up(s):

  • There's one, mainly, and its name is Stonescar Aggro. I went 1-3 against it and I'm convinced the match-up is very bad. The Stonescar aggro deck is mean, because it plays bandit queen and multiple annoying creatures that have deadly or quickdraw. You don't like Stonescar Aggro decks. Actually, you wish for them to powerflood. Not powerscrew, mind you. Powerflood. You wish they would just go away. Far from you. It's an ugly feeling to have, but you gotta look after yourself first and foremost.

Fortunately for us, the wild Stonescar Aggro isn't that present outside of D1.

I had a few losses against peculiar/one off decks that surely do matter but that I'd have a little trouble evaluating against my deck, just because I dont play against them much: TJS Mask comes to mind, in this category.

People want to try new things, so be ready for Charge Rod, Valkyrie Rakano and OTK decks.


The All-Stars in the deck:

  • Vanquisher's Blade : Yup, having 4 more Vanquish is great, and the additionnal damage is welcome on your flying or overwhelm units.

  • Sword of Unity : It's a bit expensive at 6 when your board isn't too impressive, and I still wouldn't play 4 of it for fear of clunky starting hands, but this is a wonderful weapon that allows you to stabilize against aggro decks thanks to lifesteal, overwhelm your way through token decks, and make Copperhall Elite (a unit that people would rather ignore/block than spend two precious removal spells on) an incredibly potent threat.

  • Obelisk : I've always been a very big Obelisk fan in Aggro Combrei. This makes your Enforcers un-torchable, and thus a very convincing flying menace. It also adds a bit to your potential late game.

  • Finest Hour. You're playing an aggressive Justice deck. Enough said?


What you can replace:

  • Copperhall Bracers, as it's there just to give the extra push your flying/overwhelm units might need, or to get one big attack through via Coppehall Blessing.

  • Stand Together. I'm playing only 2 Sword of Unity, and I like being able to cast it at Fast Speed, but if that's not your style, the deck will work without it.

If you decide to replace those cards (or others, who am I to judge), Nishava's version is playing Unseen Commando and Kosul Battlemage, which I find better in his version than in mine (The JJ influence might be a pain), but it's still something that you can keep in mind.

Or, you know, just go for more Sword of Unity !


What you want to see in your starting hand:

  • Ideally, undepleted power and Initiate of the sands + one 2-3 drop would be great (who am I kidding, that's a dream come true). The deck is very mulligan-heavy, in my opinion. If your hand seems too slow/full of removal, throw it away. If it looks like you'll miss your first two turns, boom, mulligan away.

  • The color requirements for the deck are not exactly stiff, but it's good to note that any mono influence hand should probably be mulliganed, as you need both TT for Teacher and Titan and JJ for enforcer.


What you should be working on:

  • The powerbase can largely be improved. Or tweaked to your liking. I feel like the Time Standard is excellent in it, as I've faced a good deal of Midrange decks. That being said, I have not tried the Justice one.


If you end up trying the deck, I wish you luck and fun !

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to hit me up on Reddit or on Discord.