Eternal Errors: FTP Moment

The Eternal Errors series focuses on a single deck each video and aims to educate by pointing out mistakes made by myself while playing the deck on the ladder. This week I'm playing FTP Moment, a Control Midrange deck that is trying to cast spells to survive long enough to play large Moment of Creations. Survive the early game with cards like Equivocate and Hailstorm while we transition to casting big wurms with Wurmcalling and Wurmstone. Finally, by the time we are at 7 power, we should be able to cast Moment of Creation for a couple of 5/5 or 6/6 sentinels.

In this video, you will see me analyze lines of play where the decision I made was not necessarily the right decision and looking back at it we see a much clearer line that could've won games. Let me know what you think about the different decisions, especially the last clip.