Jank of the Week: Vara's friends are all wisps

The Twitch chat has spoken and the first Jank of the Week is Keep Overmaster Away From My Waifu by BeebyBackRibs! While I was away during Casual Friday, I was doing what I could to watch what I was able to because I knew the spice would be brought. There were a ton of great choices for Jank of the Week but I think Twitch Chat did a great job with deciding on a meme deck that has it all. Let’s breakdown the deck a little.

Beeby's deck

Here is the EternalWarcry decklist link.

The deck is a jank deck in the most true sense of the term. You run a semi complicated combo that has 6 pieces to go off. You will need 2 Unravelers, Soulbringer, and 2 shadow wisps in the void, and Vara execute the combo. Your goal is to create a pseudo infinite combo with reanimating and sacrificing.  From what BeebyBackRibs says, the original build was similar to the Talir/Voda combo with Mask to ramp with some more slow combo pieces. That wasn’t working so the deck shifted to more of a Divining Rod build which seems to work more consistently than before.

Honestly, I can try and explain more of the thought behind the deck but BeebyBackRibs did a great job explaining this on their own. Which is why, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a short interview of BeebyBackRibs explaining his thought process on his deck:

TGP: Where did the idea for this deck come from?

BeebyBackRibs: Vara was one of my very first legendary crafts when I started the game back in December 2016, and I brewed tons of reanimator decks back in the day.  Needless to say I was devastated by the nerf, but I get why DWD had to do it.  Anyways, the moment Unraveler of Destinies and Soulbringer were spoiled, my Vara trained brain said: INFINITE COMBO, so I snap crafted them when Set 4 dropped and built a variant of the deck.  You need 2 Unravelers, Soulbringer, and 2 shadow influence wisps in the void, and importantly, only a single Vara to go off.  Unfortunately, Vara was bugged for a couple weeks and the combo didn't work, but DWD fixed it eventually.  That first version was a lot like the Talir/Voda combo a lot of people are playing now, where I used mask to ramp up to 10 power and hard cast Vara+shadow 2 drop to start the combo, then reanimated Kerendon merchant twice to fetch Means to an End and Grasping at Shadows from the market to set up for a kill on the next turn.

TGP: There's a Deadly Rod package in there! Tell me more about it.

BeebyBackRibs: Eventually, I realized that I just couldn't stay alive long enough against midrange or aggro to execute the combo, and so I switched to the Divining Rod plan.  My first draft kept the Means to an End in the market, but I came to the conclusion that if you combo off you can beat any deck without harsh rules in hand easily, and even against board wipes, you just drew up to 12 cards in hand, so you probably win anyways.  I swapped the Means for Vara's Choice, which I think makes the deck much more powerful if slightly less fun.

TGP: 8 Merchants, that's a strategy that's getting more and more popular. Mind explaining why it works here?

BeebyBackRibs: Essentially, Kerendon Merchant is a power, a removal spell, a Divining Rod hit, and has good synergy with Vara.  Also, you're going to want to grab Rod and Striking Snake Formation with Auralian Merchant basically every game, so you're not too punished by losing some of her market space.

TGP: Anything else that you’d like to add about the deck?

BeebyBackRibs: Another card choice some people might question is Twilight Hunt over Xenan Initiation, and they might be right, but I really like all the nightfall in the deck to help make sure you can play Divining Rod on turn 5 or 6 and find your combo pieces.

I really like this combo over some of the old Vara combos especially in a post Vara nerf world, because:

  1. You only need 1 Vara for the combo,

  2. Soulbringer and Unraveler are much stronger cards than e.g. Shadowlands guide, Slumbering Stone, and Infernal Tyrant,

  3. Mitotic Wisp is a combo piece that also tutors for other combo pieces,

  4. Even when you can't get the full combo, you can usually generate a lot of board presence and card advantage, and pull the Grasping at Shadows from the market to set up for next turn.

I won't claim to be an expert deck builder, so there are probably some improvements that can be made, but I'm pretty happy with the deck.  I was able to get quite a few wins in the tournament without ever comboing, which I think is the main advantage of the Divining Rod version.  If your opponent doesn't have boardwipes, you can rapidly flood the board with deadly bodies and either stall the board until you hit your combo or just beat them down in the air with buffed wasps.  I think the ladder meta might be pretty hostile to the deck at the moment, since Icaria Blue, TJP fliers, and Rakano Valks are very bad matchups, but you can definitely get some wins against other decks.  All in all, this is the most playable shell for post-nerf Vara I've been able to come up with, but that's not saying too much.

If you’d like to check out the deck in action, there’s a twitch clip of it over there.

And here is a list of last week’s top 8 for the Casual Friday. Spicy!

We at TGP would like to thank BeebyBackRibs for the articulated answers he provided us with!

We hope to see you tomorrow at the Casual Friday (Here’s a link to register if you wanna play) to vote for this week’s new Jank of the Week!