Jank of the Week: Marisen's Friends are all Bugs

The Twitch chat has spoken and the second Jank of the Week is Bugs Matter: Combrei Edition by Kyarr! There were a ton of great choices for Jank of the Week, but I think Twitch Chat did a great job with deciding on a meme deck that has it all. Let’s breakdown the deck a little.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 10.11.46 PM.png

Here is the EternalWarcry decklist link.

At first glance, this deck looks fairly similar to recent Combrei midrange decks, with the usual suspects of Sword of Unity, Stand Together, and Safe Return. But when you look a little bit closer…there are a few very spicy card choices. The first card that sticks out is Time Flies. For those of you (including me) who were too cheap to craft the card, check it out:


Time Flies has an incredibly powerful effect giving both players +2 maximum power, the challenge is to find a way to abuse the advantage so you don’t give your opponent too much value. So what does Kyarr do to break the symmetry of Time Flies?


Marisen is a huge value unit that will easily take over the game given a few turns, and is sparingly played due to the high cost of 8TT. With time flies, plus the other ramp cards in Trail Maker and Auralian Merchant, this deck can very quickly get Marisen out while being able to hold up Stand Together or Safe Return. An Aegis Marisen is a must answer threat that many decks struggle to handle.

Beyond Marisen, the deck mostly plays a time midrange value plan, trying to stall the game through Amaran Stinger and Marisen’s Disciple before winning with buffed units by Xenan Obelisk and Sword of Unity.

Enough from me, let’s hear what Kyarr has to say about the deck!

TGP: Where did the idea for this deck come from?

Kyarr: First I'd like to give a shoutout to my bro flippyflop/flom. He's the one that really got me invested into Eternal and he helped me go through the deckbuilding process. I actually brought a Xenan variant to the previous Casual Friday but I didn't even break top 10 so I went back to the drawing board for that weeks and decided to go Combrei instead of Xenan due to the strength stand together and sword of unity offer against sweepers. I legit crafted a play set of time flies solely for this deck and I was honestly proud and stunned that I not only won Jank of the Week but also I managed to take third place with my silly themed tribal deck that started solely because I'd heard some other dude was running bug tribal on ladder and I thought it was a great idea

TGP: Is there anything you’d like to change about the deck after playing it in Casual Friday?

Kyarr: I don't know any real changes I'd make to the deck besides adding some actual removal like Vanquish but even then when it comes down to it I just like the feel of throwing down time flies, especially in the early game because to me it signifies that you're essentially throwing the gauntlet down and claiming that you believe your hand is better than your opponents and you're going to prove it by giving them the opportunity to play with the power first.

TGP: Anything else that you’d like to say while you have your moment in the spotlight?

Kyarr: I've really enjoyed the ECL and the Casual Friday environment! I had some really great opponents that I really liked the decks of especially with Deadly. He played abduct on Marisen, followed it with a dark return and proceeded to use her against me in game 2. It was really intense and I only barely managed to eke out the win. I'm definitely looking forward to what Jank I can cook up next for upcoming Casual Fridays!

And here is a list of last week’s top 8 for the Casual Friday. Spicy!

We at TGP would like to thank Kyarr for the articulated answers he provided us with!

We hope to see you tonight at this week’s ECL Casual Friday (Here’s a link to register if you wanna play) to vote for this week’s new Jank of the Week!