Fall of Argenport Legendary Crafting Guide

Welcome to the Fall of Argenport legendary crafting guide. This guide is to help new players looking to get into competitive play and want to know what legendaries are worth crafting from this set. Since this video only focuses on Fall of Argenport legendaries, it won’t be split up into factions like previous guides I’ve done. I’ll go fairly in-depth for each card in this video and how they’re used in order to help new players that want to focus on crafting legendaries for a specific deck. This video is split up into Essential legendaries, which are necessary in at least one deck, and then Optional legendaries which are cards that occasionally find their way into some decks but typically aren’t necessary for those decks.

This video was the culmination of all the feedback I got from the last crafting guide I did that focused on The Dusk Road legendaries. My big focus was to make this one more concise (so it would be shorter :P). Despite this, feedback on this format is still appreciated. Hope you enjoy this one and I'll see you all later this week.

Essential Legendaries

Optional Legendaries