Eternal Community League 2019

Happy New Year fellow Eternal addicts! I’m excited to finally announce our plans for the ECL for 2019. You’ll notice a lot of changes but a lot of similarities to last year. First, I want to give a shout out to everyone that played or watched last year! I loved watching us grow and I can’t wait to see where we end this year. Now on to the schedule.

            The first major change is we are moving to four seasons lasting twelve weeks each instead of the monthly seasons last year. Each season will have break weeks between weeks 5 and 6 as well as following the season ending Invitational. Each week of events will consist of Tuesdays at 8:30 pm EST, Fridays at 6 pm EST, and Sundays at 12 pm EST. Tuesdays and Fridays will be 4 rounds of swiss with no cut. Sundays will be swiss rounds based on number of players with the corresponding top X single elim cut. All swiss matches will be best of 3 and the elimination rounds will be best of 5. Thursdays were removed due to most of our staff not being available at the European focused time, we apologize to those players.

            Now let’s check out what you’ll be competing for.

2019 points.JPG

          We lowered Tuesday’s 4-0 bonus and boosted points for making the elimination rounds. This was done to more highly reward players who survived the “swiss grinder” in our bigger events. The team believes the new point system strikes an excellent balance between the grinders and those who simply spike a couple Sundays. That’s not all at stake though, Sundays additional award a $10 steam gift card and invite to that season’s invitation to 1st place and a $5 gift card to 2nd. Casual Friday will look to bring back Jank of the Week article prize, as voted by viewers.

            The invitationals will feature sixteen of that season’s best players duking it out for cash prizes and points. Invites are awarded to the nine Sunday winners then the seven players with the highest point totals that have not already qualified. Additional players will be invited if the previously invited choose to decline or cannot attend, based on points. The format will be 4 person double elim groups cutting to top 8, with top 8 being single elim. All matches will be best of 5.

2019 money.JPG

           I bet you’re wondering why we’re awarding points at our invitationals. That’s because this year we are launching an end of the year Players’ Championship for the best of the best. Invites are awarded to invitational winners and the three highest point earners following that season’s invitational. If a player earns multiple invites, cannot attend, or declines their invite then additional players from that season will be invited. The Players’ Championship will use the same format and structure as the Invitationals. Cash prize distribution is the same as well. The Players’ Championship will take place approximately 2 weeks after the Season 4 Invitational.

Tournament Formats

            Everyone enjoyed the non-ladder formats we tried in December so those are returning along with a new one. Casual Friday will always use the current ladder format, no bans or restrictions. Players are encouraged to play whatever they have fun with whether that’s 50 power Excavator or Haunted Highway. You might not win the Jank of the Week prize bringing FJS control though.

Sundays during weeks 1, 4, and 7 will feature a ban list of non-power cards from Empty Throne through The Tale of Horus Traver, also know as sets 0-2.5. All other Sundays will have no bans or restrictions, unless announced the week prior in advance.

Spearheaded by Kaelari, Tuesdays will have a degrading card pool that resets at the beginning of each season. Bans will be chosen by select players as follows; the winner gets to ban any non-power card and the lowest place finisher that didn’t drop gets to ban one non-power card from that Tuesday’s winning deck. The bans must be submitted to us by Casual Friday of that week. This format, lovingly dubbed Kaelari’s Ban Safari by our Duncan_Ren, puts the power in the players’ hands and I for one can’t wait to see what happens.

            We will do our best to remind everyone about all the changes and new additions as well go through the transition period. As well as anything else that may pop up such as one of format events and changes to break weeks. Feel free to message me directly if you have any questions or comments. Here’s to making 2019 the best year for Eternal.

As always you can find our tournaments at the link below. Our rules have been updated as well so you might want to refresh yourself on those too.