Mulligan's Lessons Learned Playing Sealed League

In this video, I'll be talking about what I've learned playing in the Sealed league, particularly since October 2018. I originally intended for this video to come out over a month ago, but if I'd done that, it would've just been a cut and paste from my Twitch stream where I talked about the Sealed league and answered some questions at the end of December.

I felt like I could do a video that was a little more put together for YouTube than just simply uploading what would basically be a Twitch highlight. That said, nearly all the footage in this video is from that Twitch stream in December since it fits best with what I’m going to talk about today. And, despite the lateness of this video with this chapter of Sealed being done, I still think it’ll be of some use to Sealed players going forward.

Credentials: since October of last year, I’ve been finishing in the top 200 of Sealed league. In December, I finished rank 18, peaking at rank 4 at one point during the league.

Despite all this, I’m not claiming to have any secret tech or top tips about how to consistently finish at a high ranking in Sealed unfortunately. I’m just simply sharing what’s been working for me since October and I’m sure there are other things that other top Sealed players have done to be successful that are different from what I’ve been doing. If you’ve been successful in Sealed, feel free to share what’s been working for you in the comments on YouTube. Hope you enjoy the video.