ECL Season 2 Schedule and Changes

Its time to kick off season 2 of ECL for 2019! We’ve made some changes this season, which hopefully improve the experience for both players and viewers. Before we get into the changes, I want to congratulate norakomi on winning the first invitational with Hooru Midrange, earning a cash prize and qualifying for the Players’ Championship at the end of the year. YurickYu, Kroge, and marvin_the_imp also qualified for the Players’ Championship by finishing top 3 in points at the end of the season. I bet this isn’t the last we see of these players until then though!

Let’s get to what you came here for! The season will kick off today with Tuesday Night Eternal at 8:30 pm EDT, followed by Casual Friday at 6 pm EDT, and Sundays at 12 pm EDT. All tournaments except for The Opal Waystone Classic on Sunday April 7th will adhere to in-client ladder rules when it comes to card legality, excluding emergency bans for bugs. No more bans or restrictions! While these events are fun and interesting, running them on a regular basis did not yield the results we hoped for.

The Opal Waystone Classic is a multifaction showcase tournament, sponsored by EternalWarCry and Shiftstoned. For this event your deck must be 4 or more factions and have at least 8 cards of each faction, multifaction cards count for both factions. Guaranteed $300 minimum prize pool and unique tapestries are up for grabs. For more info go to Opal Waystone. Below is the weekly schedule we plan to stick to. It may change due to an ECQ or other unforeseen events. We will do our best to provide as much notice as possible for changes.

April 1 Week 1- Tues/Fri normal, Sun: Opal Waystone

April 8 Week 2- all normal

April 15 Week 3- all normal

April 22 Week 4- all normal

April 29 Week 5- break week

May 6 Week 6- Tues/Fri: normal, Sunday entry fee

May 13 Week 7- all normal

May 20 Week 8- all normal

May 27 Week 9- all normal

June 3 Week 10- Invitational only

Sunday May 12th we will be running a tournament with a $5 entry fee. Tournament must have 8 players to fire and has a guaranteed $40 prize pool. The pool will grow as more players enter. This is a trial run to gauge player interest in weekly money prizes as well as look to create a sustainable model for the ECL to support players and staff alike. More details for prizes will be announced when available.

League points are also being changed to better allow players the ability to climb the leaderboard for invitational invites and end of season prizes. Sundays now award an undefeated bonus and give more points for top 8 or better finishes. Points in parenthesizes will be used when only cutting to top 4, 16 players or less. Starting with this season 1st and 2nd place in invitationals will receive invites to the Players’ Championship. Subsequently only the top two point earners after the invitational will earn invites as well. Invitational points reflect this change and give those in the hunt for at large Player’s Championship invites more to fight for.

            Regular Season

S2 points reg.JPG


S2 points invi.JPG

Don’t forget to read up on our ruleset, pay special attention to the slow play and end of round procedures; RULES. As always you can sign up for our tournaments at And tune in to our streamed events at